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Improve idea relationship concepts in Gi2MO ontology
Sent by adam on 10/04/2012 - 19:00
Status:  Implemented
Tags:  research, relationships, ontology, links, gi2mo
Categories:  Ontology

At the moment (Gi2MO v0.5), the idea relationships in Gi2MO ontology seem a little bit chaotic and unorganized. Perhaps in the next revision the relationships should be categorized and reordered.

Also, it IdeaStream does not utilize those relationship type and allow joining two ideas into one, this should be added as well.

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Link Gi2MO and GoodRelations ontologies
Linked Data research
Sent by adam on 02/05/2011 - 22:57
Status:  Draft
Tags:  ontology, lod, linking, linked open data, linked data, good relations, gi2mo
Categories:  Linked Data research

As part of the Gi2MO project there has been some research on linking enterprise data and to a very small degree on linked open data. However, in the presented case studies Good Relations and public product information was not considered, while this seems to be a perfect match for idea management !

One of very interesting use case studies could be to link ideas with products that they refer to. This would be very nice in case of public instances that are focused on ideas for product lines and services (e.g. Dell Idea Storm).

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