Create A Simple Opensource Idea Management System Based On Drupal
Sent by adam on 02/05/2011 - 22:06
Status:  Draft
Tags:  drupal, idea stream, module, idea management, opensource
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It would be nice implement a very simple Idea Management System based on Drupal.

The reason
The current state is that there is the open IdeaTorrent and a large number of closed environments. The ones that are available/used by Gi2MO team are:

- IdeaTorrent
- Atos PGI 2.0

Both are based on Drupal as desired but have flaws and are not the ideal candidates for presenting Gi2MO work.

The shortcoming of IdeaTorrent is that its using postgres as backend and creates its own tables to manage content. The Atos PGI resolves those issues by using internal Drupal Content Types however its problems are: very big and slow because of lots of extensions installed, 2nd we cannot use it feely (its closed).

The solution is to create a new very simple Idea Management envrionment based on Drupal which will have basic functionality that will enable to present Gi2MO solutions.

The features should be:

a) Normal user
- create new ideas (unrelated and for idea campaigns)
- create comments to ideas
- track idea status
- categorise ideas (predefines categories)
- tag ideas
- rate ideas (up/down or star rating)

b) Reviewer
- make textual reviews
- make reviews based on topic (as in enable the administrator to create dedicated reviews like "economical", "technical feasibility" etc.)

c) Manager
- create idea campaigns
- assign reviews
- view summaries

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ah its not wordpress, its drupal right?